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Jason Zada


Jason Zada

Jason Zada is an award winning storyteller and director. Most recently, Jason’s first major motion picture, The Forest, was released in theaters around the world, where it earned over $40 million dollars at the box office. Most infamously, he was responsible for the Emmy Award-winning, cinematic personalized experience ‘Take This Lollipop’, which has been seen by over 250 million people all over the world. The film quickly gathered over 20 million Facebook Likes, making it the fastest growing FB app of all time. Jason’s unique blend of multi-screen storytelling landed him in Adweek/Creativity’s Top 50 most influential creative personalities of 2012.

Jason’s love for innovative storytelling started back in the early 80’s programming text adventures on a Commodore 64 and transitioned into to the 90’s, where he pioneered the early days of CD-ROMS and the World Wide Web. Always attracted to new and unique forms of storytelling, Jason used his knowledge of filmmaking and interactive storytelling to create some of the world’s most talked about commercial projects. Through his music videos, traditional TV commercials, feature film and the most cutting edge interactive projects, Jason’s work has been seen by over a billion people worldwide.